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  • The Truth About Building Muscle – Part II

    By Travis Steffen on Tuesday, July 21, 2009in Muscle & Bodybuilding  

    In “The Truth about Building Muscle – Part I”, I mentioned that we are getting back to basics.  Were going to look at the core areas of weight training, diet, supplementation and lifestyle and dispel the common myths that surround them!

    This week’s focus is on weight training and I think many of you will be surprised at what you might learn.  We are going to give you the real facts about building muscle and doing it FAST!

    Myth – “You have to train as regularly as possible to get the best results”

    Working a muscle group too much can result in overtraining and this can become detrimental to your results in the long run.  If you find you’re self in an overtraining state, you must give your body sometime to recover.  Some of the most common symptoms of overtraining are:

    • Decrease in muscle
    • Decrease in strength
    • Increased fatigue
    • Increased risk of injury
    • Decrease in appetite
    • Weak immune system

    If you find your self dealing with a number of these symptoms, it may be a good idea to have a week off and go into a “strategic deconditioning” phase.  By giving your self the time off you not only allow your body to recover, but you will also find that during this period your muscles begin to grow and repair and on your return back to training you may be surprised with your strength gains.  The best athletes and bodybuilders in the world use strategic decondition to their advantage, by working them selves close to the point of overtraining and allowing the gains to occur during a rest period.

    Myth – “Light weights and high reps will increase muscular definition”

    In your search for the best chest workout for definition, remember this: doing high repetitions with light weights is a style of weight training designed to increase muscular endurance.  Likewise doing heavy weights and low reps is the best style of training for strength gains.  So somewhere in between lays the secret to muscle growth.  And remember from “The Truth About Building Muscle – Part I” muscular definition is only a result of a good diet and cardio program.  Science has found that a range of about 8-12 reps is ideal for building muscle.


    The REAL secret is not so much the amount of repetitions that are done, it’s more to do with the amount of time the muscle is under tension, and the rep range is merely used as a guide for people.

    It’s all about training smarter, not harder!

    Part III is going to uncover some of the myths behind the diets and supplements that are vital for building muscle.   I’ll even be exposing the truth behind this common misconception…

    Myth – “Protein should make up the majority of the diet”

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