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  • What is the best muscle building supplement? Part 2

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, August 24, 2009in Supplements  

    As I mentioned in What Is The Best Muscle Building Supplement Part I, these are the two most important things that you MUST have correct before using any muscle building supplement.

    From my experience, most people who are interested in using supplements go about it in the wrong way.  They miss out on the essential stuff that is necessary for the body to function in a healthy manner as well as be able to process the actual supplement.

    Here are the two most important things…

    …and they are both supplements.


    For people on muscle building diets that are on a very restrictive or high protein based diet, multivitamins are an essential.   If you are deficient in any vitamin or mineral, this can have an impact on how your body functions, particularly how it  process fats, carbs and protein and ultimately effects how well you perform your muscle building workouts and build muscle in general.

    Protein powders/weight gainers

    These are for the people who find it hard to get enough of their required protein or calorie intake from their diet alone.  Not everyone finds it pleasing to eat 500 grams of meat each day, so this makes it a little easier.

    When this criteria has been met, you can begin to dabble in the more specific stuff.  All to often I hear guys saying things like…

    “I’m not seeing results! Man, I need to get on some L-Glutamine…”


    “I’m a hard gainer so I gotta buy that new nitric oxide product…”

    In Part 3 I’m going to tell you what exactly is the best muscle building supplement on the market today!

    And remember – NO supplement will do its job if you don’t care of your workouts first. All the pectoral exercises, lower abs exercises, or lat exercises in the world will do nothing if the program itself isn’t structured correctly.

    The solution?

    WorkoutBOX Training Programs!

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