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  • What is the best muscle building supplement? Part 1

    By Travis Steffen on Friday, August 21, 2009in Supplements  

    There are so many Muscle Building Supplements on the market at any one time. ¬† So how can you know which is the best? ¬†In this series I’ll show you how to look beyond the hype and marketing propaganda so you can discover what really works. ¬†But before I go any further I have to say this…

    It is so important that you have your training and diet in order before you take on any supplements. ¬†By this I mean if you can’t even keep up a healthy natural muscle building diet or find muscle building workouts that you can be disciplined with,¬†there is no point wasting your money on expensive supplements.

    A better term I’d like to use for supplement this series is “enhancer” as these are tools to enhance, or add onto your already strong training and diet. You may right away think that the term “enhancers” generally refers to steroids and growth hormones. While these are typically referred to as performance enhancing drugs, there are many other much safer performance enhancers out there.

    While specific brands of supplements aren’t the focus of this series, how you view supplement (or enhancer) use is what we’re looking to…well…enhance.

    Part 2 of this series is going to show you the two key things you MUST know before using any supplements.

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    Travis Steffen is a Master Trainer and founder of WorkoutBOX. After years of experience training professional athletes and thousands of others just like you, he knows exactly what it takes to get you in serious shape. Follow his expert guidance and you're guaranteed to get amazing results.
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