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  • Bodybuilding Tips on How to Avoid Overtraining

    By Travis Steffen on Tuesday, June 30, 2009in Tips  

    bb2imagesPeriodically I’ll be posting some bodybuilding (muscle building) tips in order to help you achieve the best possible results from your training efforts. These muscle building tips will include what to do and just as importantly what not to do.

    Overtraining is one of those ‘not to do’s’ yet it’s something I see quite frequently. So many athletes adopt an ‘all out, balls to the wall’ (pardon the language) attitude towards their workouts and end up experiencing the  effects of overtraining syndrome. The theory of working harder, longer and more frequently for increased gains sounds logical enough, but without adequate rest and recovery you’ll actually end up regressing.

    Progressive results in every sport require a balance between overload (from an effective muscle building workout) and recovery. If there is an unbalanced emphasis on overload and not enough recovery, the symptoms of overtraining syndrome may be experienced.

    These may include things like:

    - Fatigue, lack of energy

    - Insomnia

    - Unusual aches and pains in muscles and/or joints

    - Headaches

    - Depression

    - Loss of appetite

    - Noticeable decrease in performance

    - Elevated heart rate

    - Suppressed immunity

    - Moodiness and Irritability

    - Anxiety

    - Loss of enthusiasm for training

    bbimagesMany of us have experienced the physical effects of overtraining and thankfully it’s fairly easy to reverse. If you’re noticing the signs of overtraining syndrome, simply take a week or perhaps even 10 days totally and completely off of training. Give your body the rest it needs to fully recover and allow your muscles to repair themselves. Get plenty of quality sleep, keep your diet full of highly nutritious foods and be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water as dehydration is often a factor in overtraining as well.

    Pay attention to what your body is telling you. There is nothing wrong with a little break from your workouts every now and then. In fact, a break is necessary and should be scheduled into a well planned exercise routine. Numerous factors play a role in achieving your muscle building goals including nutrition, training, desire, drive, focus and last but not least, rest!

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