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  • A Workout for You – Whatever the Occasion – No Excuses

    By Travis Steffen on Friday, November 28, 2008in Workouts & Exercises  

    1. Set yourself a goal

    • Are you doing the right workout?
    • Do you know how to apply the right workouts to your goal?
    • Will you actually know when you have reached your goal?
    • Do you even have a goal?

    Setting a goal is the single most important thing you must do before you start any project or regimen – including working out to get in shape. In fact it’s the first thing you need to do before you even change into your gym clothes.

    Could you ever imagine leaving your house on a journey and having no idea where you are traveling to? As soon as you get to the airport, bus station or railway station, you will have your first dilemma. Where am I going? If you adopt this lax approach then you will end up going around in circles and you will never actually achieve anything.

    2. Plan your fitness journey

    Working out and getting fit should be treated in exactly the same way as any other journey or project. You must decide on your destination before you decide on what workout and exercisesyou are going to do. It might not be your final destination, but it’s the first step in the process.

    Imagine if you were going on a round the world trip. What would be the first place you would visit? Then what would be the second? Now that you are beginning to build a plan with a goal to circumnavigate the globe, be sure to visit all the important places along the way. This will be a great goal with a purpose and also a fantastic achievement.

    Reaching your fitness goals should also be a fantastic achievement, so you really want to put the effort into creating a plan that will guarantee results.

    Here, at WorkoutBOX, we can’t decide your goals for you, only you can do that. And we can’t do the work for you. But we have a pretty good idea what types of goals people want to achieve and we have the workouts and exercises available for you, so you can hit the ground running once you decide exactly what you are aiming for.

    3. Make your dreams count – Reality starts here

    Here are a few examples. Most people who go to the gym are looking to change something about their physical appearance, by either building themselves up or losing weight in the form of body fat. There are other examples of course, like training for a particular event or improving fitness for medical reasons, but that’s another blog topic and outside the scope of this one.

    Ok, so let’s focus on the big 2, fat loss and weight gain. For ‘fat loss’ we have Fat Burning Workouts that will help you to burn fat and lose those love handles. These workouts are designed specifically around endurance based exercises that will condition muscle for growth and kick start your metabolism for maximum fat burning. At the other end of the scale for ‘weight gain’ we have specific Muscle Building Workouts that are designed to stimulate growth, increase muscle size and strength and have you filling out your T-shirts in no time.

    4. Exercise and Workouts

    An exercise is described as an activity that exerts your muscles in various ways to keep fit. Exercise can consist of resistance training for muscle strength and endurance, or training the heart, lungs and circulatory system with cardio exercises. Both are extremely important. Stretching exercises can also be used to improve flexibility, balance and coordination. WorkoutBOX has a large selection of exercises that you can use to create your own custom workouts or add into an existing workout.

    A workout is a combination of exercises put together in a certain sequence to challenge certain parts of the body either in split routines or the whole body in one routine. The way in which a workout is applied can determine what effect is has on your body. Variables such as workout frequency, intensity, volume, number of sets, number of repetitions, rest etc. This will have a great affect on your results. All our workouts are put together to allow you to adjust them to your own requirements. We will have the necessary information on our site to help you to do this so you will achieve your ultimate goal whatever it may be.

    5. Workouts for Every Major Body Part

    Often it’s necessary to split your workout up into ‘split routines’ that are spread throughout the week. This has certain advantages especially for muscle building and strength gain, as it allows you to include the volume of work required and the appropriate rest due to increased intensity.

    WorkoutBOX has a variety of workouts for individual muscle groups that you can incorporate into part of a split routine to really enhance your progress. We have Ab Workouts that will really develop and sculpt those abdominal muscles for a great looking six pack. Arm Workouts build shirt splitting biceps, triceps and forearms to give a handshake grip that will earn you instant respect from anyone you meet. Back Workouts develop strength and confidence to be able handle any heavy lifting without the fear of putting yourself in hospital. Chest Workouts give you that classic super hero look of pecs bulging through your T-Shirt. Leg Workouts allow you to really be able to stand up for yourself and Shoulder Workouts create shoulders big enough and strong enough to carry the world on.

    We have examples of split and total body routines. Plus Celebrity Workouts used and endorsed by the stars to get into shape for the latest blockbuster movies. Stars like Daniel Craig, Christian Bale and the legendary Bruce Lee. We also have Event Workouts that will help you to get ready for that special event or challenge that you want to do.

    6. Are you putting the effort in?

    It’s not necessarily what you do in the gym that counts but how you apply it. Basically we can all do the same exercises and workouts, but it’s how you implement these workouts and exercises into your plan that will determine if you reach your goal or not. These workouts are designed specifically around these goals. But in order to progress and succeed you have to workout at a certain level and intensity. And you have to be committed. Failure to do this will not get you anywhere, so it’s important that you find the exercises and workouts you do are challenging enough but not impossible so that you don’t become de-motivated.

    You should actually feel that you have had a workout. If not, then it’s probably not working and will never work. Of course, your eating habits also play a big part in whether you will achieve a fat loss or muscle gain goal and it’s important to factor this into your schedule if you are serious about getting where you want to be.

    7. I don’t have the time or money for a gym membership

    Having said all that, even if you can’t make it to the gym because of time constraints or your working away from home, you don’t have a gym membership or you just don’t like gyms, then we even have a selection of Home Workouts that you can do almost anywhere with the minimum amount of equipment and space.

    All our workouts and exercises are graded with respect to the level of the exerciser so you can find a workout that is really suited towards your level and ability.

    So come on don’t just turn up at the gym chasing your tail. Start injecting some venom into your gym visits and do a workout that really gets results that will turn your vision of the ideal you into reality.

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    Travis Steffen is a Master Trainer and founder of WorkoutBOX. After years of experience training professional athletes and thousands of others just like you, he knows exactly what it takes to get you in serious shape. Follow his expert guidance and you're guaranteed to get amazing results.
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