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  • The Best Back Exercises to Improve Posture

    By Travis Steffen on Wednesday, August 26, 2009in Workouts & Exercises  

    postureI was struggling to come up with a topic for today’s blog as I sat slumped and hunched over my computer noticing a nagging, familiar ache in my back. Aha! I quickly sat up and readjusted as the topic of back strengthening exercises flashed before me. I’m often asked by clients how to improve posture and what the best back exercises are to get them standing erect and upright.

    Poor posture is a common problem and takes constant acknowledgement and attention to prevent or correct. Numerous factors contribute to poor posture including obesity, pregnancy, wearing high heeled or ill fitting shoes and tight or weak muscles. These days so many of us find ourselves hunched over our computers checking our email or perhaps surfing the shoe sales of our favorite on line stores. If you have a job that requires a lot of time standing or sitting in a less than prime position, like perhaps a dental hygienist, hairstylist or construction worker you need to be extra vigilant in order to keep those shoulders back.

    By improving posture not only will you look taller, stronger and more confident, you will also notice an improvement in flexibility, range of motion, circulation, organ and muscle function, as well as greater concentration and mental acuity due to reduced pain and fatigue.

    In addition to a strong balanced back and shoulders, the core muscles including the transverse abdominals, internal and external oblique’s and all of the muscles than run along the spine play a huge role in supporting proper posture.

    If the following exercises aren’t already a part of your workout program, ensure that you add them. Pay special attention to form and proper execution and you’re sure to see an improvement in the strength of your back and core while standing taller and looking much better.

    Bent Over Barbell Row

    Seated Cable Row

    Back Extension


    Dumbbell Row Plank

    Reverse Fly

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