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  • Effective Muscle Building Workouts Include Supersets

    By Travis Steffen on Friday, July 10, 2009in Workouts & Exercises  

    imagesA superset is a combination of two different muscle building exercises performed consequtively with no rest between them in order to increase workout intensity. Supersets are advantageous to a exercises for a number of reasons.

    First of all, supersets allow you to save time by eliminating rests between sets. You’ll spend less time in the gym while enjoying all the benefits.

    Supersets offer a metabolic boost due to the increased intensity, adding a fat burning component to to your muscle building workouts.

    Variety is the spice of life. Supersets keep your workouts interesting with a mix of exercises and very little rest. You won’t find yourself watching the clock waiting to pump out your next set.

    There are a number of different types of supersets. One of those involves working 2 different (antagonist) muscle groups. For example you might pair up back and chest with a set of seated rows followed immediately by a bench press. Or perhaps you combine quads and hamstrings with a set of leg curls right after squats.

    Pre-exhaustive supersets work the same muscle group with 2 different exercises. First an isolation exercise is performed and second is a compound exercise. For example if you were training your quads you might do a set of leg extensions followed by a set of lunges . Or if you were working on pectoral exercises that day, maybe you’d do a set of push ups followed by a bench presses. The idea is to fatigue the muscle group prior to the compound exercise. This type of superset needs extra special focus and attention because of the compound move following the isolation. Compound exercises like squats, deadlift and military press require stability in order to avoid injury. Since pre-exhaustive supersets are capable of overloading the muscles without the use of heavy weights, it makes them ideal to use when you don’t have a spotter.

    Post-exhaustive supersets have a similar purpose to the pre-exhaustive but work in reverse. The compound exercise is performed prior to the isolation. In this case squats would be done before the leg extension, or a set of bent over rows before the lat pulldown.

    Try adding supersets to your muscle building program to add some intensity, variety and a boost in caloric expenditure. You’ll spend less time in the gym and more time out in the world showing off those hard earned gains!

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