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  • The Best Ab Exercises for a Flat Stomach

    By Travis Steffen on Sunday, August 2, 2009in Exercises  

    absimagesJudging by the vast number of late night infomercials advertising gadgety gimmicks, claiming to provide the answer to a flat stomach and ripped six pack abs, it seems safe to assume that most of us are in search of what may be the best way to lose belly fat.

    We know by now of course, that even the best ab exercises won’t offer a flatter tummy unless we have our diets dialed in. In fact, we all have six packs abs already, although some are covered by multiple layers of fat and therefore may seem non-existent. As mentioned in previous posts, specific spot reducing is a fallacy and simply won’t happen no matter how often or how intensely you crunch, twist, rotate, squeeze or tense your midriff. Once again, the best way to see those ripped abs is through a reduction of body fat involving a combination of reduced calories, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. It’s like a broken record isn’t it?

    What incorporating the best ab exercises into your routine will do however is aid in building and sculpting the abdominals, improving their appearance while you work to shed the masking layers of fat atop. The abs respond to training the same way that any other muscle group does and needn’t be thought of as a mysterious phenomenon like many seem to do. I often see people in the gym training their torso’s in an overkill fashion, performing multiple sets during every workout, which is entirely unnecessary. Train your abs the same as you would and as often as you should, any other muscle group and you’re bound to see results.

    If the four following exercises aren’t currently a part of your routine, make sure you include them and you’ll soon be showing off that washboard tummy.

    Roman Chair Leg Raise

    Lying Leg Raises


    V Sit Ups

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