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  • Plyometric Training for Extreme Weight Loss

    By Travis Steffen on Saturday, August 15, 2009in Other  

    plyoimagesPlyometric exercise is a type of exercise designed to produce fast, powerful movements developing strength and muscular power – most of the time also burning serious calories.

    Plyometric training was first developed in the 1960s by Eastern European Olympic athletes but in more recent years it has made a crossover into mainstream fitness training as well. Similar to interval training, a plyometric workout is fast and intense. Focus is placed on the power and speed at which the exercises are executed. Due to the massive intensity, the caloric burn achieved through a plyometric workout is increased dramatically, making this an extremely effective choice for those with the goal of burning fat.

    Since these particular exercise are extremely demanding and high impact, it is highly recommended that a high level of fitness is achieved prior to trying a plyometric workout. If you’ve been working out regularly and feel that you’re ready to mix in some plyometrics, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    1) Always include a proper warm up. Plyometrics places a massive amount of stress on the joints so you’ll need to adequately prepare the body for it’s impending ‘beating’.

    2) Don’t overdo it! Less is more with this particular type of training, especially in the beginning. Start with very short intervals and take sufficient recovery days.

    3) Learn the form and focus on executing each exercise with precision in order to avoid injury.

    Try the following three exercises and work your way up to more intense, advanced moves.

    The Squat Jump

    Stand with the feet hip width apart and arms parallel to the floor. Bend into a squat and in one quick motion, jump explosively into the air, landing  gently on your feet, back in a squat position.

    Split Squat Jumps

    Stand in a split squat stance with one leg extended to the front and one to the back. Bend knees into a lunge position, jump explosively and in mid air and land gently with the knees bent and the opposite leg now in front.

    Step Leaps

    Stand in front of a low bench or step, brace your abs, bend the knees and jump onto the step with both feet. Step down and repeat.

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