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  • The 90/10 Principle

    By Travis Steffen on Wednesday, September 1, 2010in Other  

    mindThere’s an old adage that 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and 90% of your life is made up of how you react to it.

    I’m a fan of this saying, but this isn’t the same 90/10 principle that I’ll be talking about today (though it does seem loosely related).

    It’s a common misconception that getting in shape is a purely physical task.

    Yes, you read that right. I said it’s a MISCONCEPTION.

    While it’s true that fitness does stem in part from performing frequent exercise on a regular basis, but viewing fitness as just this would do a lot to explain why so many people find getting in shape so terribly difficult. After all, it’s so simple on paper – isn’t it?

    In reality, the process of getting the body you’ve always wanted is about 90% psychological. It’s in your head. All of it.

    But Travis, how can fitness be in my head? You’re not making sense!

    Think about it for a minute. Why do people fail to reach their goals? What makes them stray off track? Why do people lie on the couch eating Cheetos and McDonalds when they know they know they should be exercising and eating right?

    One little saying sums up the reason why:

    “It’s one thing to know what to do. It’s quite another to do what you know.”

    It’s no secret in modern society that exercise and nutrition are an important part of the healthy lifestyle required for a fantastically fit body – and learning the correct things to do is the easy part.

    The hard part?

    Actually doing it. And CONTINUING to do it regularly and correctly.

    This is the essence of The 90/10 Principle. Only 10% of the battle is figuring out what to do. The remaining 90% is continuing to do it.

    With the resources we have at WorkoutBOX, I can provide you with some fantastic direction and some step-by-step instruction. But I can’t force you to get in shape. The decision lies with you. It lies in your head. It lies with your own dedication, motivation, and mental toughness.

    I can only show you the door.

    You’re the one that has to walk through it.

    Are you a complete psychological cupcake? Chances are you’re not going to get much from ANY fitness program you follow, ANY diet book you buy, or even the gym membership you pay for each month.

    Do you blame others for your lack of success?

    Do you blame genetics, lack of time, or lack of money?


    The only person to blame is yourself. Got a road block? Find a way to get around it. Your solution is out there. The question is – do you care enough to find it?

    Re-examine why you’re getting in shape. Maybe your reason isn’t good enough. Maybe you just don’t want it bad enough. Maybe you’re inventing excuses for yourself because you don’t have the balls to fully commit yourself to something. Grow up.

    Are you a mental workhorse? Is your mind powerful enough, and are you motivated enough to make things happen for you? Are you a positive person? Do you proactively seek out solutions to your problems?

    If so, you’re likely going to progress extremely quickly. You’ll reach your goals, make new ones, then reach those too.

    If you do have the drive to succeed, you’re going to find that this success is the gateway to further successes in other endeavors. The systematic, meticulously-planned process of getting in shape can apply elsewhere as well.

    Once you know what success feels like, you’ll feel how addicting it is. You’ll stop making excuses, and you’ll find ways to make things happen for yourself.


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