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  • The Daniel Craig 007 Workout

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, October 26, 2009in Other  

    After the huge amount of emails I got from the Brad Pitt Workout, it was obvious that people wanted to know more of the celebrity workout secrets to get that Hollywood look.  So in keeping with the theme, here is an insight into the workout used by Daniel Craig to get into to shape for his roles as 007…

    Daniel Craig on becoming Bond -

    “When I was told I was going to be Bond I gave up smoking (I still have the odd cigar) and got in touch with a personal trainer, Simon Waterson. I’ve trained before but not to this level. If you’re fit, you don’t starve yourself, just avoid things after a certain time and your body reacts quickly.

    I exercised five days a week, Monday to Friday. As weekends Simon said do what you like, drink what you like. My view is there’s no point getting fit if you can’t abuse yourself.

    We mainly did cardio weights. We’d only work out for 45 minutes, but we didn’t stop. Circuits, lifting, working weights, lots of Pull Ups and push ups, lots of old-fashioned stuff. If I wanted to lose weight then I’d get on the bike afterward. All I had to do was get my heart rate to about 160 and keep it there for ten minutes and that’s when your weight drops off.

    Then we started lifting man’s weights! I can bench press myself now. I said to Simon, ‘Look, I’ve got to look like I can kill somebody.’ If I take my shirt off, it’s not, ‘Oh, nice body.’ It’s got to be, ‘Oh f***ing hell, he could do somebody.’”

    Here are a few of the killer exercises that were used in his program:

    1. Dips
    Muscle groups: chest/shoulders/triceps

    “Anything involving your own body weight is tough. Start slowly and just go halfway down. As you gain confidence, allow your chest to get lower until your elbows reach 90 degrees which is a full repetition.”

    Tip “When you can do five sets of ten, you can then start to add weight around your waist – if you think you’re up to it.”

    2. Pull Ups
    Muscle group: primary back

    “One of the hardest exercises but one of the most beneficial for strength gains. Start off doing as many as you can using an overhand grip. The Marines love this exercise… can’t say that I agree!”

    Tip “If you really struggle, do half repetitions, then graduate to full ones as you gain strength.”

    3. Barbell Squats
    Muscle groups: quads/legs

    “Squats encompass the whole body. Your shoulders are taking the weight, your abs are working overtime isometrically, and if the exercise is performed correctly, the development on your legs is substantial in a short space of time.”

    Tip “When squatting, get down to 90 degrees on every repetition, otherwise it’s a half. Remember to stretch your legs off after each set to release a little blood and reduce the chance of an injury.”

    4. Push Ups
    Muscle group: chest/triceps

    “A classic, but you can do this exercise any time and anywhere you want. Just remember not to lock out the elbow.”

    Tip “Keep a straight back and breathe on the way up. Keep your glutes and abs engaged at all times.”

    5. Lateral Raises
    Muscle group: shoulders

    “Often used as a pre-exhauster, ie to fatigue the muscle slightly so you can overload it and make it grow without risking injury through using too much weight.”

    Tip “Let the weight come from in front of your body with bent elbows. Don’t use straight arms to the sides as it causes too much pressure on the rotator cuff.”

    Note: Some of the contents of this page is originally from GQ magazine.  And in that spirit we are pleased to promote them and recommend their  publication.
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