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  • Warning!!!

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, November 30, 2009in Other  

    Don’t try this exercise unless you want to train your Back, Abs, Hamstrings, Calves, Quads and Glutes, all at the same time…

    Talk about a good compound exercise.  The deadlift is one of the most functional exercises out there. Think about this, how many times a day do you find your self picking up something off the ground at home or at work?  Probably a lot.  This is exactly what your doing with a deadlift.

    This exercise is perfect to add to any exercise routine, be it for strength, size, or just to stay in shape, as it uses so many muscles groups in the one movement.

    Here’s how its done

    1.  Face the barbell with your legs shoulder width a part, bend down and grip the bar with the same shoulder width grip.

    2.  With you back straight and knees bent, take the strain, make sure your lower back and abs are braced for the lift.  It helps if your head is looking forward and not down.

    3.   Begin to stand into an up right position.  As you lift the weight off the ground think running the bar up your shins and over your thighs to ensure it is kept close to your body.  As you do this be sure to exhale.

    4.  At the top of the movement, check your posture.  Your chest should be slightly puffed out, shoulders pulled back and head up high.  Think of your self as a soldier standing at attention.

    5.  Reverse the movement and inhale.  Be very very very careful not to forget about bending your knees, as it common to see a lot of newbies simply bend at their back as the place the weight on the ground.  This is a great way to get a herniated spinal disc!  Avoid it at all costs.

    6.  There are many different variations of the deadlift, and it’s a total body movement, so it doesn’t belong only in the leg workouts in reality.  You need to make sure your doing the right exercise specifically for your goals.

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