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  • What do urinating and crunch sit ups have in common?

    By Travis Steffen on Friday, November 13, 2009in Other  

    I’m sure everyone thinks about this question from time to time, right?

    Maybe not…

    But there is a commonality between the two. You might just be surprised how your pelvic floor or “wee wee muscle” can benefit you in the search for the ultimate crunch sit up…

    4 Steps to the Ultimate Crunch Sit Up

    1.  Assume the normal sit up position

    Lying on your back, knees bent and heels near your butt.  Keep your shoulders on the ground place your hands on your thighs.

    2.  Now this is where it gets tricky…

    Breathe in.  Before you breathe out you want to have your pelvic floor engaged.  If your not sure what or where your pelvic floor is, think of the muscle you use when your cutting off your urination mid stream. This must be kept contracted through out the whole exercise.

    3. The crunch

    This crunch is a controlled movement and the whole exercise should take you 5 seconds to complete one repetition.

    So now you have inhaled, engaged your pelvic floor, and you are ready to do the crunch…

    Run you hands SLOWLY up your thighs, and bring your shoulders off the ground until you touch the top of your knees. During this time you will need to exhale all the air out of your body very slowly over a 2 second period.

    Hold the crunch position for 1 second.

    And then begin a controlled decent back to the floor.  Again, this needs to be done over 2 seconds, slowly, making sure your pelvic floor is still tight and you’re inhaling on the way down.

    4. Relax

    Once your have completed one rep (over a 5 second period) have a rest, relax your “wee wee muscle”, and get your breath back, and then repeat the steps!

    You will find that doing a more controlled style of crunch will not create the devastating lactic burn that you might expect. However, you will still find it difficult to do, as the emphasis is more about learning to control the core and build strength and stability.

    I challenge you to try doing 10 crunch like this!  Give your feedback in the comment box bellow.

    For more ab exercises, check out our Exercises section.

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