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  • Would you give up exercise forever, for 1 million dollars?

    By Travis Steffen on Thursday, October 22, 2009in Other  

    Hey, I got a  question for you…

    Would YOU give up exercise forever for 1 million dollars?

    On one hand you will have the freedom to pretty much do what you want with your life.  Invest it wisely, live off the interest, or go by your self that new Ferrari.  On the other hand you may one day find yourself dealing with a whole bunch of preventable illnesses, plus not to mention the fat gut you will have…But is it so worth it? Could the money pay for the lypo?

    Hmmm….no more workouts at all…this one’s tough…or is it?

    I want to hear what you think!

    Add your comments in the box bellow and let see who comes up with the best argument for and against.

    This should be fun!

    P.S.  …But doesn’t that ferrari just look so sexy!!!

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    Travis Steffen is a Master Trainer and founder of WorkoutBOX. After years of experience training professional athletes and thousands of others just like you, he knows exactly what it takes to get you in serious shape. Follow his expert guidance and you're guaranteed to get amazing results.
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