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  • WorkoutBOX is live… what do you think?

    By SimonTurner on Friday, February 20, 2009in Press  

    We have been busy at WorkoutBOX, having spent the last few months bringing the site to life with lots of brand new workouts, exercises and features.

    So What’s New?

    • More Workouts – We now have many more workouts live on the site, including lots of muscle building and fat burning workouts which seem to be what most people want.
    • Workout Overviews – Workouts now come with supporting overview text that explains why the workout is structured as it is, why it uses these type of exercises and answers any other questions that you might have.
    • 100+ Exercises – To support the workouts we have created an extensive exercise database, catering for all fitness abilities and targeting the full range of muscle groups in the body. Each exercise contains a video showing exactly how it should be performed. Want an example? Check out these lower ab exercises!
    • Workout Comments and Forum – WorkoutBOX is about everyone sharing their opinion in the search for the best workouts and therefore creating a really useful resource for our members. Online from today is the WorkoutBOX Forum which also allows members to share their comments on each of workout. Remember, this is just to get started and we’re soon to be launching a much more extensive rating system (see below).

    What’s Coming?

    Very soon we will be adding even more features:

    • Smart workout printing – Print out multiday workouts with ease.
    • Workout rating system – Extensive workout rate and review system.

    We Need Your Help…

    WorkoutBOX is all about sharing the best workout information and tips so that everyone can reach their fitness goals. We would love to know what you think of the site so far and if you’re finding it useful, so please do get involved:

    1. The Workouts – Let us know what you think of our workouts. You can do this either from the workout comments forum page or by following a link from the workout itself.
    2. Site Feedback & New Features – What do you think of the site in general? Are there any features you would like to see added? Let us know here.

    Once again, we really appreciate your help and thanks again for getting involved.

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