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  • WorkoutBOX – The Fitness Community Making It Simple

    By SimonTurner on Thursday, November 13, 2008in Press  

    Working out and getting the results you want is a lot more complex than people think. For the newcomer, it can also be a pretty intimidating experience. Walking into a gym full of muscular guys who are in the zone and trying to pretend you know what you’re doing is scary. The reality is there’s a science to fitness and exercise routines and its more complex than most people think.

    Working out Isn’t Simple!

    Here are just a few questions that most people new to the gym want answers to:

    • Which exercises should I do?
    • How many times a week should I go to the gym?
    • Can I stick to Machines or do I have to use free weights?
    • How long should I workout for?

    And some for the more experienced people:

    • Should I stick to the same routine or change it?
    • What do I have to do lift heavier heights?
    • Why am I not seeing results?
    • Am I pushing myself hard enough?

    It’s a fact; the internet is full of horribly designed fitness websites that make it extremely hard to find the answers your looking for And worse, a lot of them contradict each other, so who do you trust!

    WorkoutBOX makes it simple…

    We have created WorkoutBOX to make working out make sense: Were a fitness community devoted to helping you find workouts and exercises that are right for you. We have split our workouts across 3 workout levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, so you can easily find workouts that suit you.

    Just some of the workouts we have:

    And it doesn’t stop there. All of our workouts can be rated and commented on by our members, so you can see what’s working for other before you try it yourself. For more information on all this, visit the WorkoutBOX Features page.

    It’s time to take your fitness seriously – and open the WorkoutBOX!

    WorkoutBOX will be launching in December 2008.

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