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  • Magic Bullets

    By Travis Steffen on Saturday, November 6, 2010in Help & Motivation  

    They don’t exist. Plain and simple.

    So what are magic bullets?

    Magic bullets are the quick fixes. They’re the fad diets. They’re the “eat whatever you want, never exercise, and STILL lose weight” products you see advertised all the time. They’re the “amazing fat loss secrets the government doesn’t want you to know about”.

    In short? They’re marketing ploys to help companies scam you out of your hard-earned money. If you ever see ads like that, run for the hills.

    Ever heard of a get-rich-quick scheme? You probably have. You’ve also probably heard something that a lot of wise people say about these schemes.

    If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

    Real money-making ventures take time, effort, careful planning, and (among a million other things) a little luck.

    The same logic applies to fitness. Real success takes time, effort, and persistence. You won’t get a beach-ready body overnight. It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. The sooner you accept it, the sooner we can move forward.

    That being said, one of the differences between a money-making venture and fitness is that fitness doesn’t really take luck.

    When someone starts a business, they’re usually aware of the fact that a significant percentage of businesses fail. Sometimes the market, the economy, and other factors can lead to your business failing regardless of what you do.

    This principle doesn’t apply to fitness. If you do the correct things, and you KEEP doing the correct things, you WILL get in shape.

    As you’ve probably figured out by now, the process of getting in shape can be confusing if you go about it in the wrong way. However, if you start from the beginning and work your way through the process in the way we outline for you, and you commit to cleaning up your diet (and know that you can do this with or without supplements), you will be much more likely to succeed.

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    Travis Steffen is a Master Trainer and founder of WorkoutBOX. After years of experience training professional athletes and thousands of others just like you, he knows exactly what it takes to get you in serious shape. Follow his expert guidance and you're guaranteed to get amazing results.
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