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  • Weight Loss and Dieting Tips for the Mind and Body

    By Travis Steffen on Sunday, July 19, 2009in Help & Motivation  

    3imagesA successful weight loss diet involves more than calorie reduction, low fat diet foods and smaller portion sizes. A weight loss diet requires a lot of mental changes and behavior adaptations in order to make the experience a positive one. I’m going to share three helpful dieting tips for weight loss that have much more to do with what goes on in your noggin rather than what goes in to your belly.

    Holding yourself accountable for your actions is a major factor regarding success or failure. I often suggest to people starting a weight loss diet that they go public with their plans.You don’t have to shout it from the mountaintops or place an ad in the newspaper, but if you let friends and family in on your plans and goals, it can have a huge effect on your accountability. After all, who wants to face the embarrassment of not following through with a plan when everyone knows about it? Friends and family can also be a valuable source of support and positive encouragement, but only if they are aware of your intentions.

    Another one of my favorite dieting tips is to always keep your mouth minty fresh! Brush your teeth, swish some mouthwash around or pop a piece of peppermint gum after meals and snacks. A clean, minty mouth signifies the end of a meal and that nosh time is over. It’s really just a simple little mind trick that can actually be quite effective once it becomes a habit.

    Slow down! Chew your food and take time to enjoy your meals. These days we’re all so busy, rushing through our meals in order to get everything accomplished on our lengthy ‘to-do’ lists. When we race through meals and gobble down the food in front of us, it doesn’t allow enough time for the brain to send the ‘I’m full’ signal to the tummy. If you take the time to enjoy food and savor every bite, chewing slowly and thoroughly, you may find that you are satiated long before the meal is over. Your brain will likely send that signal before the food is gone and you’ll end up eating less, therefore losing weight!

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