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  • Three Tips to Support Weight Loss Motivation

    By Travis Steffen on Sunday, June 14, 2009in Help & Motivation  

    j03992882Motivation is as important to your weight loss success as the diet plan itself. Our motivation to lose weight tends to wane from time to time and needs a kick-start every once in awhile in order to keep us on track.

    I’ve put together three relatively simple steps to make the dieting experience a little more positive and and help increase your weight loss motivation.

    Join an online weight loss support group

    It’s very beneficial and therapeutic to have the support of others and to know that so many of your peers share your frustrations, along with the ups and downs that a fat loss workout program entails. There are numerous online weight loss support groups and forums that  can be exceptionally helpful and as anonymous as you’d like. You’ll enjoy a supportive platform to ask questions, discuss problems and weight loss plateaus, vent frustrations, share recipes and even make a few new friends in the process.

    Set realistic, detailed goals

    Have you made your goals attainable, or are you setting yourself up for failure by placing the bar unrealistically high? Our motivation to lose weight can easily be hindered by expecting too much from ourselves and therefore being disappointed at our weekly weigh-ins. Try using the SMART formula to set detailed goals that will help you be successful and increase your weight loss motivation.

    S is for SPECIFIC42-16033598

    -Define your goals in specific terms. “I want to lose some weight and get in shape” is not specific. “I want to lose a total of 10 pounds and a minimum of 2 inches off my waist” is much more tangible.

    M is for MEASUREABLE

    -How are you going to measure your progress? Will you gauge your progress by pounds lost per week, total inches lost or by body composition analysis? Keep a daily log of your food intake and workout routine, consistently monitoring and measuring your success.

    A is for ATTAINABLE

    -If your goal is to lose 10 pounds by next weekend, you need to revise that! Set your goals in small, attainable increments to avoid frustration and loss of motivation.

    R is for REALISTIC

    -Perhaps you have decided to start a workout program. If you have always led a sedentary lifestyle, expecting to run and lift weights 6 days a week in order to burn calories is unrealistic. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge what it is that you are actually willing and able to commit to long term.

    T is for TIMELY

    -Decide on a date or event to set your goal deadline for. ‘Someday’ and ‘eventually’ aren’t timelines. Instead of saying “At some point I’d like to run a 10k”, try saying “I want to train for and participate in, the New Year’s Day 10k run”. This gives you a specific time frame so that you can set a plan in motion in order to reach your goal on that date.

    Visualize your Success!

    Seeing is believing and the most successful people in the world understand this and make visualization a part of their daily routine. Whether it’s in business, athletics, the performing arts or weight loss, visualization is a habit of the world’s high achiever’s. Devote a few minutes everyday to daydreaming and ask youself the following questions.

    How will you look at your goal weight?

    How will you feel?

    What will you be wearing?

    What will people say to you?

    What will you be doing at your goal weight that you aren’t doing now?

    Try these suggestions out and you’ll see that you can regain your motivation to lose weight. We all need to re-evaluate and take stock of our goals every now and then as a way to refresh our spirits, energy and determination!

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