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  • Losing weight at the neighborhood pub

    By Travis Steffen on Tuesday, January 19, 2010in Diets & Foods, Weight Loss  

    imagesCAHJUO9HJust wait for it… it’s inevitable. Sure enough, every time I design a nutrition program for a client whether it’s for fat loss, muscle gain or a combination of the two, I always hear the same million dollar question. Three or four days into their program I receive an email asking “So what can I have for alcohol? Am I allowed to drink?” I expect it and I can totally appreciate it since after all, I’ve been known to guzzle sip a bottle glass or two of pinto grigio in my time. So what’s the harm in a little wobbly pop indulgence every now and then while you’re trying to shed some fat and tone up? How much is too much? What’s the best choice and which ones should stay behind the bar?

    Of course I’m sure you realize that abstinence from alcohol while trying to get in shape is the best plan of attack. After all, booze is loaded with empty calories and even just a few cocktails a week can potentially derail so much of your diligence and hard work, but let’s be realistic here. You will be faced with social engagements where liquor will be served and really, why shouldn’t we allow ourselves a little nectar of the Gods every now and then? Just keep a couple of points in mind.

    images52Knowledge is Power

    Educate yourself on what the best (and worst) choices are and apply this knowledge appropriately. Choose lower calorie beverages like wine, lite beer and reduced calorie coolers in place of sugar laden bevvies such as daiquiris, pina coladas and dark, heavy ales. If you prefer the hard stuff, choose your mix carefully. Opt for water, sugar free soda or reduced calorie juice as this can save hundreds of calories.

    Hard liquor (Rye, Vodka, Rum, Gin)

    64 Calories per 1 ounce


    170 calories per 7 ounce glass

    Beer (regular)

    150 calories per 12 fl ounces


    210 calories per pint

    Vodka or Rum Coolers

    250 per 12 ounces

    Crantini or Cosmopolitan

    187 calories per 5 ounce drink

    Pina Colada

    375 calories per 5 ounce drink


    160 per 3.5 ounces

    images54Don’t be a glutton!

    When it comes to alcohol consumption, moderation and responsibility are crucial! Liquor contains an exorbitant amount of empty calories that will expand your waistline faster than you can crack a cold one. Having more than a couple may leave you feeling footloose and fancy free with one hand deep in the nacho platter and the other reaching for the hot wings.

    The lesson here is that yes, it is acceptable ON OCCASION to enjoy an adult beverage or two while trying to shed a few pounds and get in shape. Just make sure you arm yourself with knowledge and make the best choices possible. Don’t overdo it, sip slowly and try to enjoy the social aspect of your evening more than what’s in your glass. And always be sure you compensate for your indulgence with added intensity in your next few workout routines. On a different, yet much more serious note…please drink responsibly and never ever get behind the wheel! Cheers!

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