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  • Celebrity and Fad Diets Don’t Make Healthy Weight Loss Programs

    By Travis Steffen on Thursday, July 16, 2009in Plans & Programs  

    12imagesIf you flip through the pages of any tabloid magazine, it becomes shockingly clear by the emaciated frames in the photos that celebrity diets are often less than healthy. The majority of so called celebrity diets are usually nothing more than glorified crash diets, promising dramatic, albeit unrealistic results.

    It can be quite tempting to try these well marketed weight loss and fitness routines as every one of us wants to shed fat as quickly as possible. Fad diets often offer near impossible, yet very appealing promises. They may claim to provide you with Victoria Beckham’s waistline or Angelina Jolie’s slender physique in 2 short weeks but usually don’t deliver.

    As I was reviewing and researching three of the top celebrity diets, I became even more bewildered by the lengths people will go to in order to avoid proper nutrition and exercises. Even though these crash diets may work in the short term, they are not at all conducive to long term, healthy weight maintenance.

    The Facial Analysis Diet

    The acronym is FAD. Coincidence?

    The acronym is FAD. Coincidence?

    The first fad diet I read about had me totally confused and I was left shaking my head in utter disbelief. Kate Winslet has been said to follow the ‘Facial Analysis Diet’. This weight loss program (I hesitate to use that term) involves performing an analysis of the lines, tone and texture of the face, which is then used to determine dietary and mineral deficiencies and intolerance’s. Once the analysis is complete, you are prescribed one of their nine eating plans.

    I’ll admit that the Facial Analysis Diet is creative and unique. For that I give it full marks. As far as a sound, scientific approach to weight loss it simply doesn’t make the grade.

    The Baby Food Diet

    bf2imagesI’m sure Reese Witherspoons’ children have been on solid foods for many years now but she may still be shopping in the baby food aisle of the supermarket.

    The baby food diet has a pretty simple premise. Simply replace adult portion sized meals and snacks with a jar of little Juniors lunch. Basically the baby food diet is a way to regulate portion control and consume fewer calories. Since baby food is actually quite nutritious, this particular fad diet isn’t entirely bad. The problem however, lies in replacing all meals and snacks with it and consuming far too few calories over an extended period of time.

    There is nothing wrong with indulging in a jar or two of baby food as a snack now and then. In fact, some of it is quite tasty, like the applesauce or mashed bananas for example. Just keep in mind that it would be a mistake to make baby food the focus of your meal plan as it simply won’t supply sufficient nutrition for an adult.

    The Cabbage Soup Diet


    The cabbage soup diet is another popular weight loss plan and apparently a favorite of Sarah Michelle Gellar. The cabbage soup diet is quite restrictive and only allows for certain food groups on particular days. That should serve as the first warning sign.

    Although I will give this plan credit for being high in fiber (really high) I still wouldn’t recommend it. First of all there is just way too much cabbage! cabrimagesPersonally I prefer cabbage in the form of authentic, old fashioned Ukrainian cabbage rolls prepared by someones Grandma but those aren’t on the plan.

    I’ve outlined the basics of the program below. Do you think you could do this for days and weeks on end?

    Day 1

    - Eat as much fruit as you want excluding bananas.

    - Eat as much cabbage soup as you wish.

    - Drink large quantities of water, black coffee and unsweetened tea.

    Day 2

    - Eat as many raw veggies as you’d like, excluding beans, peas and corn.

    - Eat as much soup as you’d like.

    - Eat one large baked potato with butter for dinner.

    Day 3

    - Combine days 1 and 2, eat as much fruit, veggies and soup as you’d like but no baked potato.

    Day 4

    - Eat up to 8 bananas and drink as much skim milk as you’d like.

    - Eat as much soup as you’d like.

    Day 5

    - Eat 10 to 20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish.

    - Eat up to 6 fresh tomatoes.

    - Eat as much soup as you’d like.

    Day 6

    - Eat only beef, vegetables and soup.

    Day 7

    - Eat as much brown rice, veggies and soup as you’d like.

    As you can see it’s a little weird and very rigid.

    On a personal note, I do have a few friends that have tried this diet and lost some weight initially, but were unable to continue for more than 4 or 5 days due to the restriction. Take it from me that socializing with people on this particular diet can be slightly uncomfortable due to the ….gas factor. All that cabbage soup and fruit interspersed with milk and large quantities of meat can wreak havoc on the digestive system and have a person running for the nearest biffy on a regular basis.

    WorkoutBOX always recommends a realistic approach to weight loss, incorporating an appropriate balance of nutritious foods and energizing workouts. We know that a healthier body and improved physique take time and patience to achieve. In the long run, it’s worth the hard work because it’s really the only way to realize lifelong success.

    If you’re looking for a balanced, healthy way to lose weight while you enjoy real food and still get to have a life, check out


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