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  • Choosing the Best Weight Loss Program that suits you!

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, June 15, 2009in Plans & Programs, Stories  

    Weight Loss Program

    With all of the weight loss programs and work out routines and plans out there, choosing the one that’s right for you can be difficult, not to mention confusing! If you’re looking for a safe yet effective weight loss program or fat loss workout, there are some qualities to look for and some red flags to avoid.

    A weight loss program should teach healthy behaviors that not only promote a reduction in weight, but also the ability to maintain the weight loss over time.

    A healthy program should encourage gradual and consistent weight loss. Any plan that promises a loss of more than 2 pounds per week should be steered clear of!

    If the diet plan you’re considering suggests the elimination of an entire macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), avoid it like the plague! Healthy weight loss programs promote balance and the inclusion of all food groups with an emphasis placed on ‘everything in moderation’.

    The addition of regular exercise and physical activity (you knew that was coming didn’t you?) is a very important aspect of any respectable, health conscious weight loss program. Getting a good workout in regularly is necessary not only for initial weight loss, but also maintaining the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve!

    Losing weight should be about more than just looking great, it should focus on feeling good, being healthy and happy, increasing energy and improving the function of our heart, lungs and muscles! A responsible weight loss program will focus on all of those things and still allow for the occasional slip up, after all we are human and it happens.

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