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  • Quadruple bypass at the take out window

    By Travis Steffen on Tuesday, June 22, 2010in Weight Loss  

    enhanced-buzz-32081-1277152354-24Creative marketing geniuses in the restaurant industry have outdone themselves once again. The good people at Friendly’s have now put KFC’s “Double Down” burger to shame with their new “Ultimate Grilled Cheese Burger Melt”. There’s nothing really special about the burger itself, it’s just your typical huge patty with lettuce, tomato and some sort of sauce. The magic ingredient here is all in the bun. The top is a full grilled cheese sandwich and the bottom….yep, same thing! Copious amounts of saturated fat sandwiched between simple carbs and even more saturated fat! 

    Friendly’s has been famous for it’s huge portion sizes and the outrageous caloric content of most of their menu items for years, but this one is in a whole new category. The Ultimate grilled cheese burger melt packs a waist widening 1500 calories and 97 grams of fat! That’s an entire days calories for us ladies and 75 percent of the days calories for you men, with enough saturated fat to last us both all week!

    Now common sense will tell us by name alone that this may not be a wise choice for lunch, but there are some misleading menu items out there that aren’t so obvious. We all know that if we order a cream sauce pasta, fish and chips, a 20 ounce porterhouse, pork fried rice or something similar that we can expect a high calorie, fat laden meal. But let’s say you opt for what you believe is a leaner, healthier choice. A grilled turkey burger, a chicken or shrimp salad, maybe a vegetarian dish would cut your calories right? Not so. I looked at the nutritional breakdown of such menu items at the popular chains Friendly’s, Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs and all of them…all of them…were well over 800 calories per serving, with most hovering around 1100! It’s not necessarily what’s IN these dishes, it’s the amount that’s ON the dish. Yes people, size DOES matter…alot!

    My point here is that although avoiding something as ridiculous as this Ultimate grilled cheese burger melt thing is pretty much a no brainer, don’t be fooled by menu items that sound low calorie. Ask to see the nutritional information of the restaurants menu and make an informed decision. Ask your waiter to bring sauces or dressings on the side and to go easy on the cheese, oils and butters. Most importantly, use common sense. If your meal is served to you and it’s big enough to get the reaction “Holy cow that’s huge!”… I don’t care how intense your workout routines are – it’s too many empty calories!

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