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  • A Successful Weight Loss Story to Inspire you

    By Travis Steffen on Wednesday, June 17, 2009in Stories  

    30imagesSuccessful weight loss stories can offer us the inspiration we desperately need during those times when we’re lacking the necessary discipline and motivation  required to follow our program.

    Anytime we come across an amazing weight loss success story, it tends to give us a little nudge in the right direction. When you experience those “I give up” or “I just can’t do it” days (and we all do) you need a little something to light a fire under your butt and get you off the couch.

    I’m going to share one of those successful weight loss stories with you about one of my clients that most of you will no doubt relate to.

    One year ago, almost to the day, Wade came to see me for a consultation. He was 37, married with 3 children and had a very busy, very stressful, time consuming career as the owner of a real estate company. Even though Wade is one of the most positive, upbeat men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing I could tell he was frustrated with his weight and level of fitness. The scale was working its way up to 300 pounds, causing him to feel  physically drained and less than thrilled with his physique. After all, he was a young man with a beautiful wife and 3 very energetic kids, so of course he wanted and needed, more energy.  He required enough energy to get him through long work days and frequent business trips, yet still be able to come home and enjoy time with his family.

    Wade committed himself to 2 training sessions with me per week, in addition to following a few workout routines I gave him to do on his own. I provided him with a flexible meal plan and guided him to making his own food choices which would provide him with about 1800-2000 calories a day.

    Six months later Wade weighed in at 226!j0422209

    So what made his weight loss such a success? Simple. He followed the plan to a T. Wade never missed a training session, in fact he was never even late! He was at my door at 5:57 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday. He never skipped a workout on his own and he followed his meal plan through all the business meetings, work retreats, weekends, hockey games, pool parties, guys nights out, date nights and pizza cravings!

    The reason for his success is due to the fact that Wade took ownership of his life and decided to change the things he was able to change. He didn’t think of it as deprivation, he thought of it as a positive, life improving experience. He didn’t make excuses even though the opportunity presented itself many times. Wade kept a can-do, will-do attitude and just did it!

    I’m happy to say that 6 months later, Wade is still working out, maintaining his weight and has a healthier relationship with food. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions on his weight loss journey. Here is what he had to say.

    Shauna: “What made you decide to really get serious about losing weight and seek out a personal trainer?”

    Wade: “All my life I have been dieting or on a ‘program’. I’d lose weight and put it back on and put more weight on each time. I was tired of dieting and needed to make a lifestyle change and a commitment.  The other reason was being only 37 years old with 3 children and leading a staff of more than 200 employees in my company, I was sending a mixed message to all of them. I was saying that it was OK to let your health go and to not take care of yourself. At almost 300 pounds it was time to get serious and change the message of living life without balance.”

    Shauna: “What was the most difficult part of the decision to get healthy for you?”

    Wade: “Fear of failing another program and letting my trainer and myself down once again. Thinking that I couldn’t do the exercises you see personal trainers doing with their clients. I honestly had doubts about myself and the whole personal training system and thought it would be no different than any of the other programs I had done. Finally I told myself I had to do something before it gets worse.”

    Shauna: “What were the toughest parts of the weight loss program? The food, the workouts, staying motivated, traveling, enjoying down time?”

    Wade: “I honestly have to say that it is all difficult for me. Traveling around North America with my business, eating out at restaurants and finding the time to get my exercise routine in on the road is a big challenge. I have a very stressful career and one of my stress mechanisms is food. I eat as a stress release, but it is also entertaining and something I love to do socially. Nothing is harder than getting motivated for tough leg workouts after being away, not eating properly for days and being exhausted. I have learned that it is okay to let your guard down for a short period of time as long as you get back on track before you lose that motivation. It’s like riding a bike, when you fall off you just get back on and start riding again.”

    Shauna: “How do you stay motivated?”

    Wade: “I keep my motivation up for my workouts by always reminding myself of my ‘why’. When your ‘why’ is big enough, the ‘how’ will come. My wife and 3 children are my big ‘why’. I owe it to them to be the best Father and husband that I can physically be. The most important thing to me is to break bad eating habits and  to exercise with my children. Not just to tell them, but to show them. Walk the talk and lead by example.”

    Shauna: “How do you feel about yourself, your health and and your physique today?”

    Wade: “It’s been one year. I physically feel the best I have ever felt in 20 years. I’m stronger than I have ever been and I have a new lifestyle, I’m not on a ‘diet’ anymore. I started a year ago barely doing 10 push ups, 10 lunges and 10 squats . Today I am lifting and training at a level far beyond my expectations. It is amazing what a year can do. I am proud of my physical appearance, level of health and amazed at the changes I’ve seen from working out with a trainer.”

    Wade Webb

    Wade Webb

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