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  • The Skinny on Fitness Models

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, December 6, 2010in Stories  

    You’re working out hard and loving your progress. Weeks go by and you’re looking better and better. Then you’re at the checkout counter at the grocery store and you see a fitness  mag. The model on it is unbelievably lean and toned.

    Wait a second! I’m working out hard…how come I don’t look like that?

    Well, first and foremost, know that these models are in unreal shape. They usually work out 5-6 days a week and have been working on their physiques for years – but many of them were once where you’re at right now. Then they got mentally tough and prioritized their health and fitness over other indulgences that get the better of most people on a daily basis.

    The other difference? They’ve prepped for the photo shoot.

    Most of these models already have low body fat, but before a photo shoot they do a few things to accent their physique.

    1. They carb deplete their bodies. Going severely low carb is not something I recommend you do on a long-term basis, and I don’t advise integrating it into your typical diet. However, if you’re a model prepping for a photo shoot, you don’t have to worry about energy or performance – you want appearance. They carb deplete their bodies like crazy right before a shoot, and even scale back their total intake drastically to force their bodies to feed off that last bit of fat, and have their skin suck a little bit more into their muscles.
    2. They dehydrate themselves. The week of a shoot, fitness models will start to cut back their fluid intake pretty substantially. The last day or two before a shoot they might not have anything to drink at all. This, combined with carb depletion, will suck the skin into the muscles even more and give that “cut” look.
    3. They fake-tan. Whether it’s the unhealthy UV method or the much more optimal spray-on method, skin tone is huge for a photo shoot, as is lighting. Having the right coloring and lighting during a fitness model shoot can be a massive factor in the look of the shot.

    Make no mistake – cutting weight for a shoot is a miserable process. The general rule for fitness models prepping for a shoot is the worse you feel physically, the better your body will look on camera.

    In short? Those smiling, ripped-out-of-their-minds faces you see on the cover of your favorite fitness mag are actually feeling like absolute garbage. Pretty eye-opening when you think about it like that, huh?

    In summary – these individuals are in absolutely fantastic shape to begin with, and have been working hard on their physiques for years. They know that changes don’t happen overnight. Some have bad habits, but others do everything naturally. But they also do a TON of things to make their bodies look much better on camera than they normally would – so keep that in the back of your mind before you get discouraged.

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