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  • Win the Video Game

    By Travis Steffen on Friday, October 29, 2010in Weight Loss  

    In all difficult and arduous tasks that are worth undertaking, this is an extremely powerful strategy. It’s short, simple, and it can make moving a mountain as simple as throwing a single pebble.

    So what is it? Here’s an example:

    Let’s say that you’re a 350 lb. obese man, but you want to be a lean, muscular 185. Or maybe you’re a 235 lb woman, but you used to be a slender, sexy 140. In either case, the thought of losing all that weight can seem like a pretty massive task.

    Where do you start? How long will it take? Is it possible? How can you seriously get there?

    All these questions run through your mind at once. The longer these questions linger, the more they begin to spark doubt. That doubt is going to seriously destroy the likelihood that you’ll take action.

    The solution?

    Imagine for a second that you’re playing a video game with 50 levels. Each level is tough, and it requires everything you have to beat. Once you beat it, you’re free to move to the next level.

    While you’re playing, you don’t realize that you’re actually getting closer and closer to beating the entire game. You’re just focused on beating that one level.

    The path has already been laid out for you in this game by those who designed it, and you’re not focused on the long-term goal. You’re just worried about what you have to do today.

    See where I’m going with this?

    You know where you want to be someday. You’ve got a goal that seems pretty far off – much like the dreaded 50th level. It seems like the 50th level is so far away when you have yet to start level 1, right?

    You can get around this feeling by approaching it like a video game.

    Gather the knowledge you need to lay out your path to success. Then break that path up into smaller, more manageable “levels” that don’t seem nearly as intimidating.

    Unlike a video game, however, nobody has simply laid out the correct path for you. In fact, there are a number of paths in front of you. Some are the right ways, some are the wrong ways, and some will eventually get you there, but they’ll take much longer. Once you’ve gotten through this book, you should have a better idea of which path to take.

    Here’s the catch:

    In a video game, you may be able to use a cheat code to get you further in the game without trying. As you likely learned in the last chapter, there are no healthy shortcuts in fitness. You’ll have to beat each and every level in succession. The right path won’t be the easiest or the most painless one, but it will get you there.

    It’s likely that you haven’t yet started level 1, which is fine. Just remember that when you do, don’t focus on getting to level 50. Just focus on getting to level 2. Once you do, just worry about level 3, level 4, and so on.

    In other words, don’t focus on beating the game. Just focus on the next level (or in this case, the next workout, the next meal, etc.). If you take this approach, sooner or later you’re going to be much closer to beating the game than you’ve ever been before. Once you’re to that point, the rest is easy.

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