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  • Arm Exercises and Workouts for Sexy Toned Arms

    By Travis Steffen on Thursday, July 23, 2009 No comments

    moimagesFirst Lady Michelle Obama has been highly praised and admired lately, not just for her character and position, but also for her incredibly toned arms. I don’t know exactly which arm exercises she includes in her exercise routine but she’s obviously doing something right and she has the guns to prove it!

    Many women struggle with excess fat on the upper arms, for some reason it just seems to be a common frustration. I remember how badly my grade 3 teacher (I’ll call her Mrs. Jones) was cursed with that turkey neck like flab on the back of her arms. She didn’t have fat arms and was actually a slender woman but age and a sedentary lifestyle were working against her. Whenever she wrote a lesson on the chalkboard, the severity of her flabby arms became painfully obvious. You couldn’t help but stare as she stood in front of the class, vigorously writing away. I think of ‘Mrs. Jones’ quite often while I’m doing diamond push ups or dipsfor just a little extra motivation.