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    Butt exercises - Tone up that fat butt!

    For most of us women, struggling with extra fat on the butt area is a major frustration. We are always in search of the best butt workouts and exercises that promise to improve our posterior view.

    Even the best bum exercises won’t necessarily shed fat from our butt, as we know that spot reducing doesn’t happen because the body sheds fat at a fairly evenly distributed rate. Even so, a well designed butt workout will certainly improve muscle tone and aid in sculpting a tight, firm butt.

    Workoutbox knows all the best moves! We’ll provide you with the top butt exercises and workouts that will give you a beautiful backside and a little less ‘junk in the truck’.

  • The Romanian deadlift…butt lift with a barbell!

    By Travis Steffen on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 No comments

    luteMost of us (men included) spend a lot of time and money on some, if not all of the following…hair products, cosmetics, colognes, spa treatments, plastic surgery, botox injections, salon services and moisturizers. The goal is to appear fresh faced, youthful, polished and put together from the front. But how much time do you spend thinking about what you look like to people as you walk away?

    I’m going to give you one way to dramatically improve that posterior view and best of all, it won’t cost you a cent! Oh, it may hurt, in fact if you do it right it will be a bit uncomfortable, but in that ‘hurts so good’ way.

  • A Tight, Firm Butt With One Exercise!

    By Travis Steffen on Sunday, June 28, 2009 3 comments

    buttimagesAs women, most of us aren’t totally satisfied with the appearance of our backsides. Perhaps yours is too flat, too big, too round, not round enough, too jiggly, too small, out of proportion or just simply not shapely. Whatever our personal frustrations may be, we’re constantly searching for the latest, most effective butt exercises that will answer our prayers for that elusive tight, firm butt.

    Women tend to carry excess fat in the hips, thighs and buttocks so the bum is often a problem area for even the leanest of the lean. While we know that specific spot reducing is not possible, there are some great butt exercises that can tone and tighten the gluteus maximus, improving the look and shape of our rear ends.