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  • How Regular Exercise may aid in Breast Cancer Prevention

    By Travis Steffen on Monday, August 10, 2009in Women's Fitness  

    bcimagesDo you really need another reason to work out? There are already so many benefits that come with a regular exercise routine such as a healthy weight, improved mood, better lung capacity, reduced risk of heart disease and a great body to name a few! Now add healthy breasts to that!

    Numerous studies performed in the past few years have concluded that regular exercise may reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer by up to 35 percent! Studies have been done on many groups of women between the ages of 30 and 70 from all ethnic groups and medical backgrounds. They have shown that by simply taking a brisk 30 minute walk every day, your risk of breast cancer may be cut by one third! If you are a non-smoker, non-drinker, your risk can be reduced by up to 70 percent just by taking that same walk!

    If a brisk walk isn’t your thing, aerobics, cycling, jogging, interval training, swimming, or dancing will work too! While moderate exercise does help significantly, it seems that increasing intensity as time goes on is even more beneficial. If you are sedentary, then start off slowly and work your way to a higher intensity.

    There are a number of factors that play a role in the reduction of cancer risk through exercise such as:

    1)    Lowers the chance of obesity
    2)    Improves waist to hip measurement ratio
    3)    Regulates hormonal levels
    4)    Improves immune system
    5)    Stabilizes insulin levels
    6)    Improves mood

    Lowering your risk of cancer is reason enough to implement workout routines into your daily to-do’s, and it’s never too late to start. Regular physical activity has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life in women already living with breast cancer. One reason is the improved emotion and mood. Working out releases endorphins, the feel good happy brain chemicals that help to keep our spirits lifted. While positive thinking goes a long way, physically fit cancer survivors tend to have a lower risk of the cancer returning. Most importantly, those who make exercise a part of their life are less likely to die of the disease.

    So, take a pro-active approach to your health. Make working out a priority. If you are new to exercise, you don’t have to jump headlong into elite level muscle workouts or lower ab exercises. Start off slowly and be honest with yourself about how hard you can sustain working for extended time periods. Kick it up a notch when you’re ready and do as much as you can do to protect your health.

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