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  • Workout and Exercise Database – Coming Soon

    By SimonTurner on Saturday, December 13, 2008in WorkoutBOX News  

    We’re proud to announce that here at team WorkoutBOX were getting every closer to our go live date. Behind the scenes we have spent months collecting some of the best workouts and exercises from all over the web, ready for publishing to our custom made workout and exercise database.

    We will soon be adding over 50 workouts(including leg workouts, arm workouts, pec workouts) combined with over 90 exercise routines…. You name it, we have it!

    Since we want to cater for all levels of fitness, we have grouped our workout routines into 3 different levels, as – let’s face it – someone who’s looking to be shown the ropes doesn’t want to end up sifting through advanced bodybuilding workouts.

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