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Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Alternating

Type: Arms
The tricep muscles account for the majority of the upper arm mass. So if you really want to build big powerful t-shirt splitting upper arms it's vital that you include tricep extensions into your workout. A lot of people make the classic mistake of focusing too much on the biceps and neglect the triceps.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Alternating Steps:

Step 1:
Take hold of a pair of dumbbells, palms facing each other.

Step 2:
Raise them above your head by extending the arms.

Step 3:
Without moving the upper arms, slowly lower one of the dumbbells behind your head by flexing at the elbow.

Step 4:
Pause when you feel the stretch in your triceps.

Step 5:
Press the dumbbell back up until your arm is fully extended.

Step 6:
Repeat for the other arm.

Step 7:
This is one repetition.

Top Tip:

This exercise can be performed standing or sitting on a bench or exercise ball. Standing up or sitting on an exercise ball will work the core abdominal muscles harder than sitting on a stable bench. The alternating movement helps to improve coordination and slows you down. Increasing the overall exercise time means your body gets a longer more intense workout.
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