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Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Bench, Kneeling

Type: Arms
Performing the dumbbell tricep extension whilst kneeling on a bench aids stability and makes it easier to perform for the less experienced exerciser. It allows you to really focus the intensity of the weight on the tricep muscles
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Bench, Kneeling Steps:

Step 1:
Place one knee and the matching hand on the bench.

Step 2:
Keeping a straight back, make sure hips and shoulders are level.

Step 3:
Place the opposite leg out to the side to stabilize.

Step 4:
Take hold of a dumbbell in the free hand and tuck the elbow in close to the trunk.

Step 5:
Extend the elbow out behind you so that the arm is straight, but don't lock the elbow joint.

Step 6:
Feel the intensity in the triceps at the back of the upper arm.

Step 7:
Pause then slowly lower the dumbbell to the start position.

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