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Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Lying

Type: Arms
The lying dumbbell tricep extension is an effective exercise for developing the tricep muscles, and is performed by gripping a pair of dumbbells with the hands, keeping the elbows stationary and extending the elbows to raise the weights. Performing the exercise whilst lying on a bench isolates the tricep muscles to give them a really intense workout, working all 3 parts of the tricep muscle group equally. Below you'll find a video guide and step by step instructions that describe the correct technique for the dumbbell lying tricep extension exercise.
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Tricep Extension, Dumbbell, Lying Steps:

Step 1:
Lie on your back on a bench with feet firmly on the floor.

Step 2:
Maintain a straight back throughout the movement.

Step 3:
Stabilize the shoulders and extend the elbows so the dumbbells or bar are directly above the chest.

Step 4:
Lower the dumbbells by bending at the elbows until they are level with the side of the forehead. If using a barbell then this should stop just above the forehead.

Step 5:
Pause briefly, extend the elbows to straighten the arms and return to the start position.

Top Tip:

  • If using a barbell, it's advisable to use a spotter or make sure you use a weight you can handle before attempting this exercise unsupervised.
  • If using a barbell you should adopt an overhand grip
  • This exercise can also be performed standing up
  • The only movement should be in the elbows
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