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Triceps Dips

Type: Arms
Even though they are commonly known as tricep dips, it is in fact the shoulders that are worked the most in this exercise. Keeping the body as upright as possible will target the shoulders and triceps. Leaning further forward will transfer the focus off the shoulders and on to the chest.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Rear Shoulders

Triceps Dips Steps:

Step 1:
Position yourself on a pair of dip bars. Bend your knees and cross your lower legs.

Step 2:
Lower yourself down slowly until your chest is almost touching the dip bar.

Step 3:
Push back up to the start position by extending the elbows and straightening the arms.

Step 4:
Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

Top Tip:

For this particular exercise keeping upright targets the shoulders rather than the chest. The more you lean forward into the dip, the more you work the chest.
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