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External Rotation

Type: Conditioning
Resistance band exercise used to build shoulder strength and stability.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Joint Stability

External Rotation Steps:

Step 1:
Anchor the resistance band to a location in between hip and rib height.

Step 2:
Stand with your left side beside the anchor point holding the resistance tubing with the right hand (arm bent to 90 degrees; arm and hand aligned with the right shoulder); minimal resistance on the resistance band to start.

Step 3:
Keeping your elbow close to the body at all times, rotate the arm away from the anchor point.

Step 4:
Hold for one breath and then release back to starting position.

Step 5:
Repeat this exercise using the left hand.

Top Tip:

Choose a resistance band that is the right level of difficulty to ensure full range of motion and proper form.
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