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Single Arm Side Raise

Type: Conditioning
Resistance band exercise used to build shoulder strength and stability.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Joint Stability

Single Arm Side Raise Steps:

Step 1:
Anchor the resistance band to a location in between hip and rib height.

Step 2:
Stand beside the anchor point holding the resistance tubing with the right hand (left arm is closest to the anchor point and the tubing passes in front of the hips), palm is facing forward and thumb is pointing up.

Step 3:
Keeping the resistance band close to the body at all times, extend the right arm out to the side as you raise the hand to shoulder height.

Step 4:
Hold for one breath and then release back to starting position.

Step 5:
Repeat this exercise using the left hand.

Top Tip:

Choose a resistance band that is the right level of difficulty to ensure full range of motion and proper form.
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