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Breathing Squats

Type: Legs
The breathing squat integrates breathing techniques within each repetition of a full movement barbell squat. Performing squats in this way allows you to recover adequately between repetitions whilst at the same time increasing lung capacity. It's great for building mass and also reducing body fat if applied to the correct training program. Positive results also depend on an appropriate diet.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Breathing Squats Steps:

Step 1:
Place a barbell across the upper back and shoulders.

Step 2:
Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly out.

Step 3:
Lift the chest and push out the buttocks to achieve the correct posture.

Step 4:
Take 3 deep breaths to full lung capacity.

Step 5:
Hold on the 3rd breath and drop gradually into the full squat position.

Step 6:
From the full squat position, exhale and drive up with the legs back to the start position.

Step 7:
This is one repetition.

Top Tip:

If you have difficulty achieving the full squat position, this is probably due to a tight Achilles tendon. Counteract this by placing a weight plate under the heel of each foot. This should allow you to comfortably reach the full squat position without placing undue stress on the lower back and knees.
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