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Type: Legs
The Burpee is an exercise that combines multiple movements together in one exercise. There are at least 3 variations of the burpee, each one increases the challenge by adding another move to the exercise. This demonstrates the intermediate version which incorporates a squat thrust with a squat jump.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Lower Abs

Burpee Steps:

Step 1:
Start from a standing position then squat down so the hands are touching the floor.

Step 2:
Perform a squat thrust by rapidly extending the legs backwards into a pushup position.

Step 3:
Then bringing the knees in rapidly towards the chest to the same squat position.

Step 4:
From the squat position, propel yourself upwards by powering through the hips and knees into a vertical squat jump.

Step 5:
Land standing up straight. This is one repetition.

Top Tip:

The easier version is to remove the squat jump and just stand up after performing the squat thrust. The more difficult version is to add a pushup whilst between the squat thrust movements
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