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Calf Raises, Dumbbell

Type: Legs
This exercise isolates the main calf muscle in the lower legs. Having powerful calves will benefit you in most competitive sports by helping you jump higher and run faster as they are responsible for putting that spring into your step.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Calf Raises, Dumbbell Steps:

Step 1:
Take hold of a pair of dumbbells of equal weight.

Step 2:
Place your hands with the dumbbells by your sides.

Step 3:
Raise one leg off the floor whilst maintaining your balance.

Step 4:
Rise up as high as you can on the ball of your foot by flexing at the ankle.

Step 5:
Pause for a second at the top of the movement, lower and repeat.

Step 6:
Repeat for the same movement for the opposite leg.

Top Tip:

If you have difficulty maintaining your balance, then just use one dumbbell and support yourself on a wall or chair with your free hand. Alternatively you could perform the same exercise with both feet at the same time. This would be more suitable for beginners. Keep the weight light to start with until you have perfected the technique and your balance.
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