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Calf Raises

Type: Legs
Calf raises target the calf muscles and help you to build strong solid calves in your lower legs. The calf muscles are responsible for you being able to stand on your tips toes and play a big part when pushing forward with the legs, so it's important they are kept strong. The standing calf raise works a different part of the calf muscle group to the seated calf raise.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Calf Raises Steps:

Step 1:
Adopt the correct position as per the machine manufacturers instructions.

Step 2:
Select the desired weight for the exercise.

Step 3:
Place your shoulders under the shoulder pads and straighted the knees.

Step 4:
Keep the back straight and the body upright throughout the exercise.

Step 5:
Slowly push down through the balls of the feet to lift up the heel and body.

Step 6:
Pause briefly at the top, then lower gently to a position where the heels drop below the foot plate, so a slight stretch is felt in the calf.

Step 7:
Pause and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Top Tip:

  • Calf raises can be performed using a variety of pieces of equipment including the Smith Machine and Leg Press
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