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Clean and Press, Barbell

Type: Legs
The clean and press is an exercise that works the upper and lower body, from the legs, abdominals, back arms and shoulders. There is a lot of technique required to perform the barbell clean and press correctly, so it's not ideal for beginners. The most effective way to practice the clean and press technique is to break the routine down into 2 exercises, the power clean and front push press.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Clean and Press, Barbell Steps:

Step 1:
Grasp the bar with an overhand grip (both palms facing you) about shoulder width.

Step 2:
Keeping your back straight and head facing forwards, deadlift the bar off the floor.

Step 3:
Explosively drive the bar upwards through the hips and knees.

Step 4:
As the bar reaches the thighs, simultaneously drop under the weight by bending at the knees.

Step 5:
Reverse curl the bar up to rest on the shoulders by throwing your elbows underneath the bar and stand up straight.

Step 6:
Then from the shoulders, push press the barbell up and over the head.

Step 7:
Return the bar to the floor by performing the opposite set of movements.

Top Tip:

Break the move down into parts and master each part before putting it all together. Practice with just a bar to begin with until you have mastered the full technique.
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