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Clean and Press, Dumbbell

Type: Legs
The dumbbell clean and press is an exercise that works the upper and lower body, from the legs, abdominals, back, arms and shoulders. Performing the clean and press exercise with a dumbbell is great for working the shoulders as it challenges the stabilizing muscles involved with this move. There is a lot of technique required to perform the single arm clean and press effectively, so it's not the best exercise for beginners.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Lower Back

Clean and Press, Dumbbell Steps:

Step 1:
Take hold of a dumbbell from the floor with a medium overhand grip, feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2:
You should naturally be in the same start position you would be when performing a Dead Lift.

Step 3:
Power clean the dumbbell up to the shoulders and then from the shoulders, press the dumbbell up and over the head.

Step 4:
Pause briefly at the top and then perform the opposing movements back to the starting position

Step 5:
Repeat for the opposite arm.

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