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Dead Lift, Barbell

Type: Legs
The deadlift will give your lower body a complete workout as it is a combination of multiple joint movements with lots of muscles involved. It will build leg and back strength and teach you to handle heavy loads correctly.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Dead Lift, Barbell Steps:

Step 1:
Stand behind a barbell on the floor so your shins are touching the bar.

Step 2:
With feet shoulder width apart, squat down keeping your back straight and heels flat on the floor.

Step 3:
Grasp the bar with an overhand grip just wider than shoulder width.

Step 4:
Keeping your back straight and head facing forwards, lift the bar off the floor.

Step 5:
Drive upwards from the hips and knees. As the bar passes the knees push the hips forwards to stand upright.

Step 6:
Return the bar to the floor by performing the opposite set of movements.

Top Tip:

  • Make sure you keep your back straight throughout the whole movement
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