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Leg Curl, Exercise Ball

Type: Legs
Performing lower body exercises such as squats places a large emphasis on the buttocks and quads. In order to ensure a muscular balance between your quads and hamstrings then it's necessary to isolate the hamstrings whenever you work the legs. This exercise will isolate the hamstrings, work the lower back & core stabilizer muscles.
Level :  Equipment : Yes
Lower Back

Leg Curl, Exercise Ball Steps:

Step 1:
Lay on your back and rest your heels on top of an exercise ball, with straight legs.

Step 2:
Raise your buttocks and lower back off the floor.

Step 3:
Bend your knees and use your heels to roll the exercise ball in towards you.

Step 4:
Reverse the movement, by straightening your legs and rolling the ball away from you.

Step 5:
Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Top Tip:

The higher that you bring your knees up the more you will be working the hamstrings.
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