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Leg Curl

Type: Legs
The leg curl is an exercise that isolates the hamstrings and also the calf muscles that are involved with bending the knee joint.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Leg Curl Steps:

Step 1:
Set the heel pad so the knees are in line with the pivot point and the pad rests at the back of the ankle on the achilles.

Step 2:
Lie face down on the machine bench with the knees slightly bent.

Step 3:
Grip the handles. Keep the toes pointing downwards and slowly bend the knees to bring your heels towards your buttocks.

Step 4:
Pause briefly, then lower slowly back to the start position.

Top Tip:

  • This is an isolation exercise and is an alternative to squats which are a compound movement.
  • Easier for beginners to help build leg strength before progressing onto a full standing squat.
  • NB: There are many different makes and models of leg curl machines. Always read the manufacturers instructions of the model you are using and if in doubt, seek expert advice.
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