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Leg Curls, Seated

Type: Legs
The seated leg curl machine is the alternative to the more popular lying leg curl machine which you tend to see in most gyms. They both work the hamstring muscles intensely and also calves to a lesser degree. The body positioning is different and it really is down to personal preference or availability as to which one you decide to use.
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Leg Curls, Seated Steps:

Step 1:
Sit on the machine with your legs straight and ankles resting on the roller pad.

Step 2:
Adjust the back rest to the correct position and select an appropriate weight for the exercise.

Step 3:
Lower the leg restraint to your thighs to secure them.

Step 4:
Grasp the handles on either side.

Step 5:
Breathe out slowly as you begin to bend your knees to move your feet downwards.

Step 6:
Pause briefly at the bottom and slowly breathe in as you straighten your legs and return to the start position.

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