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Split Squat, Dumbbell, Single Leg

Type: Legs
Raising the back leg onto a bench or exercise ball makes the split squat exercise much more challenging as you will have to rely on your balance to perform the exercise correctly. This will place more emphasis on the stabilizing muscles and core.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Split Squat, Dumbbell, Single Leg Steps:

Step 1:
Position yourself in front of a gym bench so the back of your legs are touching the edge of the bench.

Step 2:
Take a normal step forwards away from the bench and bring both feet together.

Step 3:
Reach back with one leg and rest the top of the foot on the surface of the bench.

Step 4:
Bend the leading leg at the knee and squat down as far as you can comfortably go.

Step 5:
Hold the position for a second.

Step 6:
Then push back up through the thighs and hips to the start position.

Step 7:
Complete the desired number of repetitions and then swap legs.

Top Tip:

To add even more of a challenge, rest the trailing leg on top of an exercise ball.
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