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Squats Jump

Type: Legs
Squat jumps require a good level of aerobic fitness as well as strength and technique. They will add an extra dimension to your training when looking to improve strength in the lower body. As they are aerobic they will also work the heart and lungs.
Level :  Equipment : No

Squats Jump Steps:

Step 1:
Stand with feet hip width apart.

Step 2:
Tense the stomach and back muscles.

Step 3:
Start the squat by bending at the knees and hips, keeping the back straight.

Step 4:
Lower down to a comfortable position, usually where the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Step 5:
Explode up from the squat position by pushing against the floor and power through, so the whole body lifts and the feet clear the ground.

Step 6:
Land on back on both feet hip width apart, drop down into the squat position and repeat the movement.

Step 7:
Ensure that a straight back is maintained at all times throughout the exercise.

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