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Step Up, Dumbbell

Type: Legs
The dumbbell step up is a great exercise for working the buttocks and legs. It will develop leg strength very quickly and improve your balance and coordination.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Step Up, Dumbbell Steps:

Step 1:
Take a dumbbell in each hand.

Step 2:
Stand in front of a sturdy gym bench.

Step 3:
Place the foot of the leading leg flat on the bench and step up extending the knee and hips to stand upright.

Step 4:
Pause briefly at the top and focus on maintaining balance and posture.

Step 5:
Keep the trailing leg free, do not place it on the bench.

Step 6:
Step back down again by bending the knee of the leading leg and place the foot of the trailing leg on the floor.

Step 7:
Complete the required number of repetitions for one set and then repeat for the other leg.

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