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Step Up, Knee Up, Alternating

Type: Legs
The alternating step up, knee up is an effective exercise for developing the quads and glutes, and is performed by stepping onto a box or bench and lifting the body and the opposite knee up. Raising the knees combined with alternating the movement helps improve balance, coordination and technique. Below you'll find a video guide and step by step instructions that describes the correct technique for the alternating step up knee up exercise.
Level :  Equipment : Yes

Step Up, Knee Up, Alternating Steps:

Step 1:
Stand upright in front of a step with feet shoulder width apart

Step 2:
Place one foot on top of the step and straighten the leg to stand upright

Step 3:
Follow through with the trailing leg & raise the bent knee as high as possible

Step 4:
Pause briefly at the top and focus on maintaining balance and posture

Step 5:
Place the trailing foot on the floor & step down to return to the start position

Step 6:
Repeat the movement this time by leading with the opposite leg

Step 7:
This is one repetition

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